Our team brings over 20 years of expertise in gastronomy, mixology, experiential event design and hotel management to the forefront. We are recognized for re-energizing the industry, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We believe gastronomy and mixology are catalysts for love, fantasy and art. Inspired by the iconic flavors from regions across the globe, our International Soul Food features playful, modern, imaginative reinventions of the classics and brings a decadent new flair to our dishes and craft cocktails.

Our lodging concepts revamp leisure and hospitality to completely delight and satisfy our guests. We are committed to continual improvement and to making a difference every day ensuring that we operate to the highest possible standards.

Hola, I’m Sami.

I created Love & Spice because there is a need in the market for cool, amusing experiences where adults can enjoy the best Miami has to offer in food, drinks, hospitality, entertainment and style.

I coined the term “hospitality curator” to describe exactly what we do at Love & Spice. We design unique, memorable experiences with a playful irreverence. Our goal is to remind guests that Life is better when we’re having fun, surrounded by love, beauty, and when we let down our guard long enough to truly connect with one another. 

By igniting all five senses, we bring together the best elements available – plus a dash of our signature sass – we transform ordinary spaces into ambient experiences where people can immerse themselves in elevated cuisine, craft cocktails, leisure and touch of fantasy.

Whether you are a restaurateur or hotelier who needs to re-energize your venue, a party planner who wants to wow your guests, or the organizer of an iconic event who needs to make a statement with one of our signature pop-ups – we are here to prove that life gets better and sexier with our recipe of Authentic Ingredients, a Blend of Love & Spice… and one must never forget that Pinch of Salt.

Chef Sami Rodriguez

CEO | Founder

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We bring to the table innovation and an in-depth understanding of cultural trends and trendsetting. Whether you need to revamp and revitalize a stale restaurant or bar, our consulting services will develop detailed, profitable, and efficient food and beverage programs that embody the essence and atmosphere of your establishment. From culinary and managerial training, revenue management, financial analytics, to flavor profiling, our group is dedicated to increasing your profits with specialty cocktail and food menus.


We train bartenders to think like mixologists, cooks to approach food as art with efficacy, consistency and beautiful aesthetic as well as servers to work with grace and focus. Whether you have an influx of new staff or want to help your seasoned team members brush up on their skills, we bring 15 years of real-world experience to our training plans and would love to help you.


Whether you’re an established purveyor or new to the hospitality industry, our team’s expertise in concept and brand development, graphic and image consulting will develop the foundation that will elevate or excel previous concepts and inspire new and out-of-the-box creations.


Our team can help you create an alluring, original, and exciting new ambiance to attract your dream customers.  We help create an atmosphere that immediately tells your customers a story when they walk into your space – from the florals and furniture, to illumination effects, to music and bar accessories and beyond. We create customized ambiances as well as space design logistics that will bolster your brand, attract new customers and have a smooth service flow within your establishment.


If you have a brand or product you’d like to enhance or integrate into one of our signature experiences, we’d love to chat with you. From liquor brands and food products, to hotels, bars and restaurants, to prestigious international art fairs, we have worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies on successful cross-promotions and brand integrations that improve both our guests’ and your customers experience while increasing your brand awareness. Through research and understanding of industry trends, we work with each client to create partnerships that work in the best interest of everyone involved.


If you’re looking for a team-building activity or a fun way to spice up your next social event, we offer a variety of fun, interactive culinary and mixology workshops. Want to see if your team can pull off the perfect meal in under an hour? Or find out who in your friend group makes the best Cosmopolitan? Contact us and let’s find the right interactive workshop for your next gathering.


If you’re planning a social party or corporate event that must impress, count on us to take care of you and your guests. We work with clients to plan every detail of the event along with an inventive food and beverage menu (and other fun touches) to make it uniquely you. Our highly trained chefs, mixologist and servers take pride in their craft and provide the highest level of service.  Trust us to create a special experience for you and your guests.


Our hospitality management team works hand in hand with independent, boutique and chain hotels to explore and/or reposition their strategic lodging concepts. With a strong emphasis on guests reviews, consumer research, and staff training, we aim to discover and exploit the potential of your hotel and develop a state-of-the-art guest experience that will make your brand and business stand out.


Our expertise lies in our approach to revenue management with the most thorough work to uncover hidden profits potential translating into bottom line growth. We Work on strategies to maximized RevPar identifying and evaluating the CompSet. We do the heavy lifting to challenge the status-quo. This means understand your structure and operations and work alongside with your business and executive teams to transform your revenue expansion in the long run.


Love & Spice was commissioned last year by UNTITLED ART to create and build the food and beverage operation at the temporary pavilion where this prestigious international art fair was held.  Presenting International Soul Food at its glory, this traveling restaurant and bar pops up every year during Miami Art Basel Week and, with 40,000 attendees including influencers in art, design and food, it was a perfect place to debut our stunning pop-up eatery and craft bar situated directly on the sand in Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive. The success of the pop-up was a testament to the capabilities of the Love & Spice team and earned us an ongoing contract for the UNTITLED ART event.


This iconic traveling Bar with a sparkling wine theme could be an exclusive experience for your guests as well as for any establishment. This unique cart is pops up at intimate and romantic hideouts in the city of Miami, featuring lounge music and a DJS.  For more information about our pops up or how to bring this exclusive experience to your guests inquire within.


A distinctive folkloric kiosk featuring this famous Puerto Rican dish as its main ingredient.  This pop up could be an exclusive experience for your guests as well as a fast casual dining option for any establishment.  For more information about our pops up or how to bring this exclusive experience to your guests inquire within.


Presenting Argentinean street food made in a raw and rustic wood fire grill cart. This pop up could be an exclusive experience for your guests as well as a fast casual dining option for any establishment.  For more information about our pops up or how to bring this exclusive experience to your guests inquire within.